He knows.

Pairing: Nohmmy
Rating: T
Summary: Green can be an ugly color.
Notes: Throws drabbles at Billywick.

He knows that Noh-Varr is a one-speedster-kind of Kree.

Really, he knows. 

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Somewhere along the times—

I should be done with my 30 days of Nohmmy

But i’m not


d i e s


Five years after Colin and Damian

Wow. This is beautiful.

okaara replied to your post: okaara replied to your photo: Damian Wayne ||…

*Cuddles you and pets your head.* He didn’t deserve the crap he was written off with. I believe he’ll be back, hopefully before we’re old and grey.

;m; even if I’m hobbling on a stick, I’ll be screeching his name when he’s back. -touches u tenderly and curls on.- Weeeeeeeeehhhs. 

I made inhuman noises at the comic book store. HngHE 

okaara replied to your photo: Damian Wayne || Batman and Robin # 18 You know…

Oh baby, come here.

Wehs and runs into your arms